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【当サービスの特徴】 1.日本人が日本語応対 2.ハワイを中心に翻訳を提供、808の番号がご利用可能 その他詳細はこちら

The Hawaii - Japanese Translation Services associates with the famous company in Japan.

Your Partner for Translation / Get the best deal

1.Professional translation company based in Hawaii

2.Close associate of Honyaku-Service, an established translation company which has a wealth of business experience and achievements in Japan

3.Customer friendly and quick support from the Hawaii office

4.Competitive prices, high quality, high speed translation and delivery

5.Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We are a professional and reliable company, servicing in Honolulu and all over Hawaii region, focusing only on translation from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English, unlike many other translation companies that deal with many languages. Why? Because we strongly believe that, by specializing only in English/Japanese, we can greatly enhance our knowledge of the mechanisms of these two completely different languages in order to offer the best translations to our customers. “Japanese to English” translation requires different skills and knowledge from “English to Japanese” one. Trust our company as totally professional one. All our translators are experts with many years of experience. Each translator specializes in a particular area such as medicine, contracts, real estate or finance so we can match the translator to the needs of our customers. Our translators are spread across the world in Japan, the US and Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand so we are able to offer speedy translations for urgent requests. They can translate while you are sleeping!

If you have a business or need a translation in the state of Hawaii, you can reach us by telephone in the same time zone and we offer you the very best services - think of us as your bilingual secretary. (We are, of course, able to provide our full services outside of Hawaii upon request) Our company is always at your need.

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Translator Introduction

Ichiro Kato
Specialty:Real Estate, Legal contract
Job career:Japanese big Real Estate agency(International market)
Translator history:15 years
A word from Translator:Specializing Real Estate business for many years, I translate any document relating Real Estate with affluent knowledge and correct terminology.

Kaoruko Jordan Ichise
Specialty:Rental House, Rental office
Job career:Space rental company
Translator history:25 years
A word from Translator:With the experience and knowledge from working at California base space rental company, my translation is appreciated by many realtors and clients.

Yoshiko Saito
Specialty:Business letter, Poem, Relics
Job career:Advertisement agency in Japan
Translator history:14 years
A word from Translator: I studied English and Communication at college, and worked over 10 years at one of leading Ads agency in Japan. I translate English into Japanese regarding any business documents/letter and emails.

Jane Flynn
Specialty:Corporate law, legal document
Job career:US law firm
Translator history:17 years
A word from Translator:After majoring Law in US, I was relocated to Osaka, Japan to study Japanese law especially divorce matter. Now that I have wide knowledge of US and Japanese law in divorce/separation issue, I use these for accurate translation for your needs.

Tom Nagase
Specialty:Contract, Agreement
Job career:Investment bank
Translator history:15 years
A word from Translator: Based on the experience of working at US investment bank for over 23 years, I have lots of knowledge in finance area. To any translation request of financial related, I will be able to do a right job.

Maiko Robinson
Specialty:Logistics, Production Planning
Job career:Global Car manufacturer (Factory division)
Translator history:16 years
A word form Translator : I used to work at the factory of one of the largest automobile company. My responsibility was Production planning and total logistics from Parts incoming to shipping of Car to global market. With those knowledge and experience, I focus on the translation of Logistics and factory planning field.

Tomoko Coleman
Specialty:Real Estate, Development
Job career:14 years
Translator history:12years
A word from Translator: I have worked for leading Real Estate firm and my direct responsibility was the development, which means to renovate the area for shopping center, total amusement part and etc. It is required many contracts and agreements for this kind of business. My translation is based on these experiences.


Past Translations

  • A letter to old relative in Hawaii
  • Birth Certificate
  • Tax filing documents
  • Financail statement
  • Divorce application
  • Legal document
  • Honolulu Aquirium brochure
  • Hawaiian retail instore product tags
  • Medical Certificate
  • Tabora Gallery
  • Condominium rental contract
  • Condominium sales agreement
  • A letter from the administration office to owners
  • Japan Hawaii wedding association guideline
  • Hawaiian Artist introduction
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Hawaiian Government restriction on COVID19
  • Financial report to Hawaiian tax office
  • A poem on Hawaiian nature
  • Property registration
  • General tax on property application
  • Property management contract
  • Property information sheet
  • Escrow contract
  • Hawaiian music performers introduction
  • Hula Gallery brochure
  • JALPAK guidline
  • An application form to UH
  • Surf art introduction
  • Family register paper
  • High School grade report
  • Hawaiian Coffee report
  • Confidential Agreement
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Hwaiian Music walk of fame
  • Death Certificate

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Honolulu, Hawaii

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Pink Palace in Waikiki, Historical Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pink Palace in Waikiki, Historical Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Cozy Veranda in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Cozy Veranda in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki yacht club, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki yacht club, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii

  Honolulu, Hawaii

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