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Even if your document is not yet complete, feel free to use the above free estimate form to contact us. Our experienced coordinators would be delighted to respond to enquiries at any stage in the process of translating your document.

The Hawaii - Japanese Translation Services associates with the famous company in Japan.

Rates and Payment Terms

■ Rates
Basic Rates
From English to Japanese *General document   USD_0.10 per word
*Technical document  USD_0.10 - 0.20 per word
From Japanese to English *General document   USD_0.10 per character
*Technical document  USD_0.10 - 0.20 per character
 All our translations are proof-read to ensure high quality.
We are able to offer discounts depending on volume and,initial trials, etc. Please ask our coordinators for details.
●Minimum charge
We ask a minimum charge of US$ 30.00 (plus tax) in spite of the number of words for translation.
■ Free Trial Translations
●We offer FREE- trial translations in order to satisfy your concerns about quality if necessary. The trial draft should be limited to around 200 words and should be a part of the final complete draft. Free trials are only available for final drafts that are over 4000 words.
Please ask our coordinators if you would like a free trial.
■ Payment Methods
Credit Card Fill Credit card payment application form
PayPal Send your payment to our PayPal account

Contact number 808-354-1312

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